Porter Cake

Photo 13-02-2019, 10 55 35 am
© Rhea Christopher

This cake has origins in Ireland and is traditionally baked for St Patrick’s day with leftovers saved all the way until Easter and includes the classic black stout of Ireland: Guinness.

My version has dried fruits with nutmeg and ground mix spices which fill the house with a beautiful aroma. Of course, it’s not a porter cake without Irish porter! I use a 330ml bottle of Guinness, which is enough for two loaves). The combination of all the ingredients is magical and the longer you keep it in an airtight container, the better the taste.

Photo 12-02-2019, 1 07 56 pm
© Rhea Christopher

This cake is a favourite of my Caribbean friends as it reminds them of their Easter bun cake. A slice with some cheese goes down a treat in their house!

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