Madeleine Morning

Saturday morning and a sudden urge to make Madeleines! Small, soft, fluffy sponges shaped into seashells. The aroma of vanilla and lemon zest fills the house. Images of a small French kitchen in North Eastern France come to mind.

They are associated with Commercy and Liverdun in the Lorraine region.

Also known as Petit Madeleine, they are baked in a distinctive shell shaped moulded pan. I use a Genoise batter with lemon zest as opposed to using nuts.

I’m not sure of the origin of the Petit Madeleine but some legends say that it is based on a lady called Madeleine who was in the service of a famous person in the 17th century.

Well, who ever she was, thank you. My Petit Madeleines were delicious and I can safely say that they went down a treat with my family!

Saturday 27 May 2017


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