A taste of Cyprus

The warm London weather has been reminiscent of Cyprus, so today I decided to make a mini version of Eliopitta (olive bread) with these baby olive muffins. Perfect as a light snack with a tea or coffee, Greek coffee ideally if you really want to be transported!

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Zingy Coconut

Forget Spring, we want Summer! This refreshing, zingy coconut, lemon and lime cake is perfect with your favourite cocktail or maybe you just want to sit down with a warm cuppa at the end of the day.

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Easter Treats

This weekend is the Orthodox Easter and I decided to bring a little bit of Cyprus to London; Traditional Tahinopites – tahini pastries, and Flaounes – a sweet and savoury Easter treat

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Spring Sundays

Strawberries are in season and these were some quick recipes I whipped up. A Wimbledon Nutty Roulade and, with the leftover yolks, a Leftover Yolk Cake.

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On a bright sunny day, somewhere in North London, out came the BBQ! Chicken breasts marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and a touch of Greek oregano, loukanika (Greek sausages) and halloumi. Accompanied with fat pitta bread, all the way from Cyprus and a fresh Greek salad with feta cheese. What will go nicely […]

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Madeleine Morning

Saturday morning and a sudden urge to make Madeleines! Small, soft, fluffy sponges shaped into seashells. The aroma of vanilla and lemon zest fills the house. Images of a small French kitchen in North Eastern France come to mind. They are associated with Commercy and Liverdun in the Lorraine region. Also known as Petit Madeleine, […]

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